Friday, October 23, 2015

Home Sweet Fall Home

Next to cooking Allergy Free recipes for my family I love to decorate
our home for the Holidays and different seasons.  I go through a lot
of tablescape and mantle changes throughout the year!

This last year I even added a chalkboard wall to add even more fun! 
I hope you enjoy my extra creative outlet~

Mr. Skeleton is new this year!
I thought he would go perfect with 
the black tablecloth~

I always like to add some sparkle to my decorations~

I made him a top hat for the occasion!

This is one of our two fireplace mantles.
I usually end up rotating the silk plants for
the different seasons or holidays, but the "base"
basically stays the same.

 The chalkboard is new this year and has been
a lot of fun changing out for all different
occasions.  It's probably one of the funnest
creative outlets I'm doing right now~

 Happy Fall!

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